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"Kiersten, you have touched our hearts forever."

"The most valuable lesson that I uncovered through my gender transition was that my decades of personal struggle were never about being transgender, but rather, about being human.  This epiphany helped me to recognize a fundamental bond between us all: that at our core, we share a need for self-actualization, and are all in a transition towards a more authentic version of ourselves.  I believe that my story can bring more acceptance for the gender diverse population while also inspire people to seek their authentic selves with courage and vulnerability."

Kiersten is a geologist, speaker, writer, advocate and an openly transgender woman in Alberta.  She was inspired and empowered by the positive experience of her gender transition and now passionately uses her visibility and voice to promote positive public awareness and inclusion of transgender and gender diverse individuals.  Kiersten is devotedly invested in her community and shares her life with her supportive spouse and two beautiful children.

Keynote Speaker, Kiersten Mohr


Rob Halfyard


Resourceful Futures Community Support Ltd.

“Kiersten you have touched our hearts forever. You have brought tears, encouragement, hope and a whole new awareness on how we can be better human beings, how to love each and every person that is and who comes into our lives.”

Jesse Ritchie



“Kiersten is firm that her story is not about being transgender, it's about being human. The journey to allow our true selves to breathe, to be vulnerable and authentic, the courage to step out when nobody else has, only to find others were just waiting for someone else to go first. To change the lives of others by claiming your own life, and find support beyond your wildest dreams.”

Adrienne Furrie


Adrienne Furrie

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"Kiersten Mohr you've got an amazing story to share and you are a truly wonderful storyteller; I think I speak for all of us that I could have happily listened to you talk all night long”

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