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Terra Firma provides impactful, connected, and meaningful training experiences for executive teams, management teams, and employees.  We work to align our approach with your corporate values to ensure the seamless integration of inclusive principles for your company.


Bringing together corporate, mental health, and LGBTQ2S+ community resources, as well as drawing on current research and lived experience, Terra Firma offers Best-In-Class education to guide your organization in an authentic approach towards inclusivity.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

~ Nelson Mandela

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Gender Diversity Basics

Audience:  All Employees

Duration:  90 Minutes

This session aims to empower organizations to create more inclusive teams and companies by establishing awareness and sensitivity to the diversity in gender identities and gender expressions.  Using a combination of community resources, current research and lived experience, participants will begin to understand the challenges of the gender diverse community in corporate settings while also building vocabulary and skillsets to equip them to be impactful allies within their organization and community.  


Leadership and Gender Diversity

Audience:  Board and Leadership Teams

Duration:  90 Minutes

Leading your team through an employee's gender transition presents an incredible opportunity to build trust and camaraderie within your organization.  However, the intersection of different personalities, beliefs and opinions can also create anxiety and apprehension for leaders at all levels.  This session helps leaders build tangible skillsets to recognize and eliminate microaggressions, uncover and inform unconscious bias and establish comfort in leading with inclusive and affirming language.  

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Facilitating Gender Transition

Audience:  Human Resource Professionals

Duration:  120 Minutes

Gender transition in the workplace can be intimidating, nerve-racking and full of uncertainty for the individual. Additionally, for most Human Resource Professionals, it is a very new process to facilitate and support.  This session provides the knowledge, tools and language empowering Human Resource Professionals to be inclusive and supportive allies to transitioning employees while ensuring that the organization is compliant with current legislation and best practices.  


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Basics

Audience:  All Employees

Duration:  90 Minutes

Diversity, inclusion and equity in corporate settings represent both the most significant opportunity and the biggest challenge for many organizations.  This session intends to inform participants of the significance of intersectionality, privilege, unconscious bias, in-group/out-group psychology and equity compared to equality, to name a few.  Empowered with this knowledge, employees will leave the session better able to recognize, address and be an ally and voice in removing systemic barriers for others in their corporate settings and communities.  


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Maegen Beattie

Manager, HR Business Partner

"Those leaders will forever be changed by the connection you made, the story you told, and how you told it. Within the first hour after the presentation, several of the leaders have reached out to me to tell me how much of an impact it had on them. These are the top of our Company – the majority of our Vice Presidents and two of our executives. Your approach is spot on – the human connection – it creates a beautiful common ground for all of us. "