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Terra Firma believes creating extinction-proof positive change in organizational equity, diversity, and inclusion must begin with compassionately working to understand the intersectional experience of both dominant and non-dominant individuals.  This qualitative assessment helps identify organization-specific challenges, guides the curation of transformative educational experiences, and improves policy and process development.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

~ Nelson Mandela

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 Workshop Descriptions

Reducing Implicit and Explicit Bias in Recruitment

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A foundational element of building an inclusive and equitable organization is to ensure that the recruitment process free of implicit and explicit bias. This session aims to support the recruitment team in first identifying their own biases and provides a deepened understanding of how their own social identity can impact their decision-making. The session will conclude by discussing specific and tangible strategies, including developing inclusive role descriptions, skill-based interview approaches, understanding the value of diverse interview panels, and learning tools to encourage accountability and bias identification amongst the review team.

All Employees, 90 Minutes


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A vital element of creating meaningful and sustainable organizational shifts in equity, diversity and inclusion is ensuring that leaders are knowledgeable, engaged, and empowered to demonstrate inclusive approaches and behaviours in their roles. This session aims to guide leaders to understand what culturally responsive and inclusive leadership means, develop practical skillsets to enhance inclusive leadership competencies, and provide the language and confidence to facilitate conversations around equity, accessiblity, and inclusion.

Leaders, 180 Minutes


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Diversity, inclusion and equity in corporate settings represent both the most significant opportunity and the biggest challenge for many organizations. This session intends to inform participants of the significance of intersectionality, privilege, unconscious bias, in-group/out-group psychology and equity compared to equality, to name a few. Empowered with this knowledge, employees will leave the session better able to recognize, address and be an ally to remove systemic barriers for others in their corporate settings and communities.

All Employees, 180 Minutes

What people are saying...

Maegen Beattie

Manager, HR Business Partner

"Those leaders will forever be changed by the connection you made, the story you told, and how you told it. Within the first hour after the presentation, several of the leaders have reached out to me to tell me how much of an impact it had on them. These are the top of our Company – the majority of our Vice Presidents and two of our executives. Your approach is spot on – the human connection – it creates a beautiful common ground for all of us. "

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